Weekly Sermons

Give Me This Mountain

Climbing Mountains.   Why do people want to "climb the mountain" anyway?    Since 1953 over 3000 people have reached the top of Everest.  A few years ago a 73-year-old woman summited.   The oldest man was 76.   In 2001, a blind man made it to the summit. (At least that’s what they told him).  Why do they do it?   Some say, "Its because its there."


Mt Everest is an ego trip.    Really!   There isn't any reason to climb it than that.


But Caleb's cry, "Give me this mountain", is not about ego... it's about God and Caleb's ability to catch the vision... to see the big picture!  


What do you do with God???   What is the kind of life does someone live who understands the Lord's business???


First off...

Caleb was not afraid to talk about his journey...