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Creativity - 09-14-2014 Pastor John

Creativity - 

In addition to Mt. Rushmore, one of Gutzin Borglum's great works as a sculptor is the head of Lincoln in Washington DC. He cut it from a large, square block of stone in his studio.  One day, when the face of Lincoln was just becoming recognizable out of the stone, a young girl was visiting the studio with her parents. She looked at the half-done face of Lincoln, her eyes registering wonder and astonishment. She stared at the piece for a moment then ran to the sculptor.  "Is that Abraham Lincoln?" she asked. "Yes." "Well," said the little girl, "how in the world did you know he was inside that stone?


When we think of creativity, we tend to picture a composer or an artist at work on a masterpiece. But creativity is simply a new approach to anything.


Creativity is what has made the junk yards of the world come alive with new shoppers.  Web sites like pintrest have captured the interest of creative people who want to take junk and turn it into something useful.


All your creative ideas come from God.  I say that with assurance because He has created us in His own image.    We are creative because He is creative.    Gen. 2:7


Jer. 18:1-4  The Lord said to Jeremiah: “Go down at once to the potterʼs house.  I will speak to you further there.”  So I went down to the potterʼs house and found him working at his wheel.  Now and then there would be something wrong with the pot he was molding from the clay with his hands.   So he would rework the clay into another kind of pot as he saw fit.