Weekly Sermons

Who Are You Lord?


1.  Jesus dies on a cross...

2.  Three days after His funeral, He starts walking around the cemetery talking to some women...

3.  He then appears to His disciples in a locked room.  

4.  He appears to around 400 more people and hangs out for 40 more days, before He disappears into the clouds.

5.  Before He goes, He tells those standing with Him, to wait until the Holy Spirit comes.  

6.  And when that day came.. suddenly there was a rushing mighty wind followed by tongues of fire that appeared on the top of their heads!  

7.  That still not being enough... people began to speak in languates they had never learned... praising and glorifying God.

8.  Peter preaches and 3000 people believe that Jesus Christ is the Messiah... the anointed One... who would save His people from their sins. 

9.  Later when a man who was lame from birth begins to run laps around the Sanctuary,

10. Peter preaches again, and another 5000 believe that Jesus is the Christ.


GOD was LETTING PEOPLE KNOW WHO HE IS... He doesn't want people to just know about Him... He wants them to know Who He is...and some are getting it!!


But about the time things start happening... there are people who believe that all this is not of God... and want to try to stop it... and will even kill to do it...


That brings us to a man named... Saul!


Acts 9:1-6