Big Business?   Believe it or not, when God captures our heart, one of the first things that changes in us is our desire to give.  I know... there are so many things to give your time, talents, and your treasures to.   And... you can't do it all!     However, giving at Calvary is one way to invest in Kingdom Business!   I can't think of a better investment than that... can you?   Let me explain each of these four investment opportunities:

TITHE:  Considered to be 10% of your income.   Gross or Net is up to you!   Tithe should not be paid to Calvary Church unless you are a regular partaker of Calvary's ministries.   

OFFERINGS:  Considered by some to be "Alms".  Offerings are particular ways to meet the needs of others.... Like giving to a needy family or earmarking your offering for some other short term special focus. 

MISSIONS:  Calvary supports numerous missionaries around the world, here in America, and even right here in South Dakota.  Missions are evangelistic.   Calvary is very focused on spreading the good news about God's Kingdom to everyone everywhere.

BUILDING FUND:  Calvary is not extravagant in it's building plans for the future.   However, the building needs of the future have to be addressed, planned for, and paid for.   Right now, we are hoping to expand for our children's programs.  

Lastly, It is our belief that, "MONEY FOLLOWS MINISTRY".    If you would like to make an investment in the ministry of Calvary... click on any of these buttons.. then, follow the instructions!   It's that simple.    God bless you for your investment.     


Building Fund