In a time and culture that places such great emphasis and value on what you have; houses, cars, clothes, and the latest technology; it is truly counter-cultural to choose to trust God and be generous. The Lord calls us to live different than the rest of the world, and one of the ways we at Calvary do that is by giving financially to support different works of ministry. Thank you for choosing to trust God and give to the ministries of Calvary today! 

TITHE:  Considered to be 10% of your income.   Gross or Net is up to you! Scripture teaches us that the Tithe is the Lords, and when we give to the local church we are saying to God, “Everything I have comes from you. Thank you for providing for me now and in the future.”  

OFFERINGS:  Offerings are a way to give over and above the Tithe. Helping those in need or to support the ministry of those who minister to you.

MISSIONS:  Calvary is a "Mission minded" church. We believe that reaching the world with the good news of Jesus is priority. God will always take care of our needs. We give to missions by making faith promises. You can do so by asking God what He wants you to give this year. Then, faithfully fulfill your promise to God.

BUILDING FUND:  Calvary is not extravagant in it's building plans for the future. However, the building needs of the future have to be addressed, planned for, and paid for. Right now, we are hoping to expand for our children's programs as well as funding the paving of our church parking lot in 2018-19.  

Scripture teaches us that "the worker deserves his wages", speaking of those who minister to us through preaching and teaching. When you give, God blesses you. So please join me in giving towards the ministries of Calvary as we strive to bring the kingdom of Heaven to the world. - Pastor Jake

 - Click on the give tab to start giving today. There you will be able to give a gift online. You can choose which area to give to today, and you can choose to give once or to set up a recurring payment to make tithing and giving as easy as possible. Thank you for your generosity and may God bless you!