Bride of Christ

He Leads Me!

Psa 23:2   ... He leads me…

Your first words you spoke to Jesus were no doubt, “Lord, save me”!    His reply to you was, “Follow me”!  Following Jesus lead, can be quite a trip…  Where is Jesus leading you?

Answering the question of, “Who’s my neighbor”, Jesus tells the story of a Samaritan who was led down the road to Jericho when he came across another traveler… a man in need… a man who could not make it unless someone stopped and stooped down to help him up.  Two professing religious leaders were led down that same road… they saw the need, but didn’t stop or stoop.

Being “LED” is easy… seeing the needs of others is easy… but, taking the personal time, and spending the resources to help someone else is another matter.   

Many people believe that to follow Jesus' lead is a long journey.   
Mother Teresa was once asked, “Why did you choose to serve the poor of Calcutta?”   Her reply was simple… “I chose to follow and serve Jesus and this is where He led me”.

Beloved,  It’s not a matter of where you are led, its a matter of just following His lead.  He may lead you to Calcutta or… to the neighbor next door.

Going where Jesus leads you will be an exciting trip… but, remember, dear one…you already decided to follow Jesus… so.. just look around you.   

Pray: Lord, open my eyes and ears along this path you have me on today.  Grant me a heart of compassion to heal the wounds of others and the resources to help someone else get up and get going.

When they ask, "why are you doing this"?  Just say… "The Lord is my Shepherd, and He leads me…"

pastor John