Bride of Christ

Ssssay What?

Gen 3:4 But the serpent said…

Adam and Eve…   They had no family pictures of mom or dad… they had no belly button… they had only the handiwork of God’s creation… and the greatest of His work was… them!

They were naked and not afraid.. or even ashamed!  They could only see the beauty of two beings God had formed and the miracle of what He could do with dirt and a rib.  And they were made, not like the other created creatures… but the image of the Creator Himself.    

The only two on the planet… they had to know God’s voice… after all they walked with Him and talked with Him in the garden... in the cool of each day!  How cool was that?  I wonder what some of those conversations were like?   I wonder what questions they asked?  I wonder what He told them?

Beloved, we don’t have to wonder.  If we will meet with Him and learn to hear His voice, He will speak His Word to us.   What He says to you about life… about your future.. what your going through… the plans He has for you… it’s all being spoken… to those who, “have ears to hear”!

But be careful, dear one… there is this, “other voice”.   Its the voice of the sneaky snake who hisses, “Ssssay What?"

Pastor John