Bride of Christ

Help in Changing Times!

Psa 46:2Therefore will not we fear, though the earth is changing...

What do you do with change?  No, not what you get back from a $20… the kind of change that creates fear?  You know… “different”… different than what you expected… different than what you had hoped… different because it is completely out of your hands… a “change”… that is not really your idea… it just happened!

My dad is 98!  When I ask him about all the changes he has seen on the earth…  he gets sort of a far-away-look in his eye!   “Some of the changes are good”, he says… “but most of them just cause trouble… still… you have to live with it”!

If change is the way of all the earth, then staying sane in the midst of an insane world is dependent on how well you adapt to change.   

So.. how do you do it?   The first verse of this Psalm gives the key… "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble”.   Trouble on the earth is due to not wanting God on the earth!   

Beloved, quick and sudden changes are in the winds blowing across the earth… but do not fear…

The One you put your trust in… the One who changes not.. the One who promises and can not lie… the One who says He will never leave you… The Alpha and the Omega.. the beginning and the end.. is there now and will be forever!  He is… the VERY PRESENT HELP in times of change!   

How present is He in your life today?

pastor John