Bride of Christ

Always on my mind?

Php 1:3Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.   NLT

Willie Nelson used to sing a love song…  “You were always on my mind”?     It’s about a relationship that confesses that there are lots of things he could have done different and wishes that he would have loved her better… wished he would have said some things to her… and although he never did… at least…well…  “you were always on my mind”!

Perhaps the title, “You were always on my mind”, should be changed to…. “I am always on my mind”!

I have a friend who calls me from time to time… Doesn’t want anything in particular… not looking for any favors… not wanting to gripe or complain… just calls because they can… just because they care.   Just calls to let me know I was on their mind.  

It’s nice to be on someones mind… but it’s even nicer when they let you know it...

Beloved, love grows cold so easily.   The spirit of ME has taken over the earth.   May it never be found among those who are found in Christ.

Who’s on your mind today?   Will you do something about it.. or just leave them there… always on your mind?


pastor John