Bride of Christ

Signs of the end!

Mat 24:12Sin will be rampant everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold. NLT

“What will be the sign of the End?”  They asked!  People are still asking with great interest!   The “watch list” of Matt. 24 is quite long with many illusive parts to it.  But two signs stand out to me…

"Sin will be rampant!"  Sin is the invisible force emanating from satan that entices people to choose life options that lead to “DEATH”.   Sin seems to flourish and is spreading unchecked.  Lots of sin… lots of death!   You don’t need to look far to see that sign!

Another sign?   “The Love of many will grow cold!”   Perhaps our lack of love is related to the flourish of sin.   You have to admit that it’s becoming an increasingly greedy, confused and selfish world out there.

Beloved, there may not be much you can do with the other end time signs… wars, earthquakes, stars falling from the sky, etc.   No matter what is going on around us… you and I ARE in control of these...

Don’t let sin have dominion over you.
Keep your love from growing cold.

As it is written...

Mat 24:13But the one who endures to the end will be saved.  What is your endurance plan?