Bride of Christ

Leave the get list behind you!

Enter His Gates with thanksgiving; go into His courts with praise.  Give thanks to Him and praise His Name.  
Psalm 100:4NLT

I know!  When you want something from God or want Him to “get” someone for you, you want to get in and get right to the point.   

However, that is not the way to enter God’s presence.   When you go in, always begin with Worship… Praise and Thanksgiving.   That will be hard for some… especially for those who tend to be on the religiously negative and/or grouchy side.

If my kids [and grandkids] would come to me with a grateful heart and praising lips, I would probably give them my credit card.   Or, at least they would really have my attention!

Are you getting your Father’s attention?   Why not leave your “get list" behind you… and just go in with a heart full of thanksgiving and a mouth full of praise??   Then… just stay awhile!