Bride of Christ

"Where is Your Faith"?, He asked

“Master, Master, we are perishing!”  Luke 8:24NASB

Jesus told them they would get to the other side of the lake.   But going where Jesus is telling you to go isn’t always smooth sailing and gentle breezes.   We’ve all been there!  Our calm sea can soon become a storm… howling winds… dark sky… and waves that threaten to swamp our boat.  It’s hard to see the destination in the middle of the storm.

"We are sinking here!!   Where is Jesus?   Sleeping??   Wake Him up… give Him a bucket… He sent us out here… He should at least be helping us bail!”    Is that what your waiting for… Jesus to bail you out!

Beloved, Jesus doesn’t bail… He saves!  He speaks!  He commands!   When He does, the wind stops… the waves cease… it’s smooth sailing again!   Your journey continues and your destination will be reached!

Are you on a God given journey?   Are you thinking this current storm will keep you from your destination?  Are you thinking you should simply bail out?   Is Jesus your Master?   

“Where is your faith”?  He asked!