Bride of Christ

Here comes the Judge!

Jas 5:9Don't grumble about each other, brothers and sisters, or you will be judged. For look—the Judge is standing at the door!

I once knew a man who had the gift of grumble!   And, boy did he love to use his gift!  Trouble is, his gift was not from God.. it was from the devil himself.

Nothing anyone did was right!  He criticized everything!   If you shared your dreams with him, he would tell you all the reasons why it was impossible.  He sat in the coffee shops and his work place and railed on God’s people and the church in general.   I prayed for him for two years...

What happened to him?   He got sick… really sick!   I went to see him on his death bed, and shared with him, that if he would stop his grumbling, and repent of how he spoke about the church, God would heal him.

He did!   God gave him life… He became one of the greatest assets to the kingdom… and began to greet people at the door with a smile and a warm handshake….began to witness to people in the coffee shops and work place…  instead of a grumbling grouch, he become one of the most joyful people I ever met.

He went to be with the Lord not long after that… but… he was ready!   Now, he was used to praising and worshipping God!   Now he was ready to be around God’s people…. forever!

Beloved, what do you have to grumble about today?   Be careful.. here comes the Judge!