Bride of Christ

Only Then!

Eze 2:2And as he spoke to me, the Spirit entered into me and set me on my feet, and I heard him speaking to me.  ESV

Ezekiel was man who was aware of the sins of his people… their greed… their lack of compassion…their form of godliness….  all this and more… rooted in rebellion against God.  Ezekiel was aware that the inheritance God once gave His people was being turned over to strangers.  It saddened him to think that God’s children were acting like orphans.  [read the last two chapters of Lamentations]

Only a few had cried out to God for his mercy and for restoration, and God heard their cry, and came to this man, Ezekiel.    

Beloved, we are living in fearful times.   Our nation, along with God’s own people are a rebellious bunch.  Each doing what is right in their own eyes.    Others are filled with fear and have simply given up.   What shall we do???   Gather the few!!!

We are in desperate need to have a Word from our Lord and God.   But in order to hear it and respond to it, we must first cry out to God for His help.  Then, be willing to have the Spirit of God enter into us.  Only then can we stand on our feet again.. only then will we be able to hear again… only then… only then!

pastor John