Bride of Christ

Take a Nap?

Psa 23:2He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.
Psa 23:3He restores my soul.

Every child gets grouchy!  Every child needs an attitude adjustment!  What does mom do?  She says, “its nap time”!  What does the child do?  Fights it tooth and nail.   Finally she, “MAKES the child lie down”, and soon, the child is sleeping… aww… how sweet… what acted like a little devil a few minutes ago, now looks like a little angel.  And when they awake, they are reset, and ready to go… hopefully with a different attitude.     

Sometimes, we too just need to take a nap… and for some… a really long one!  Sometimes we fight it… until we are, “made to lie down”!

None of us are the, “energizer bunny”!  None of us were made to, “keep going and going and going” without stopping!   No, we are not bunnies… we are sheep… the sheep of a great Shepherd… the sheep of His pasture!

The Shepherd knows that sometimes I need to lie down to rest and to reset so my soul can be restored.   He also knows that I resist the rest!  When I resist the rest, I get grouchy!    So… "He MAKES me lie down”!  

Beloved, for your sake and everyone else around you… Please… Go take a nap!

Pastor John