Bride of Christ

Along the Way!

He also told about all the hardships they had experienced along the way and how the LORD had rescued His people from all their troubles.  Exodus 18:8NLT

Some would have you believe that if God is directing your path, that your way will be easy.  Ha!   Nothing is farther from the truth.   However, if you are going to keep going all the “way" with God, you have to make an adjustment in how you see the “way”!

Moses had experienced a lot of hardships along his way!   And he testified to them!   But he didn’t stay focused on his hardships…  instead he focused on how The Lord had rescued them out of “all” their troubles along the way!

Got Trouble???   Dear one, your going the right way!   Don'tfocus on the hardships you’ve had along the way, but instead, give glory to the One who is leading you this way!   I pray that today will be one of those days when the Lord will rescue you from your trouble.    Today is just one more day along the way!   

Pastor John