Bride of Christ

Try Diamonds!

Pro 27:17As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

One of my joys is to have a part time business of sharpening things that are dull.   This love to put an edge on things, comes from my dad, who at 97 still sharpens everything from knives to chainsaws.

So, as a pastor/sharpener, this passage has some special meaning.   You know that in order to sharpen something made of iron, it takes something else made of iron to sharpen it… but, only harder iron can sharpen hard iron.    No matter how abrasive it may be, there is nothing like a good friend who cares enough about you to sharpen you up and keep you on the, “cutting edge”, so to speak.

But let me add one thing here.   Some kinds of steel are so hard that you cannot sharpen it with something else made of steel, no matter how hard it is.    I’m thinking of Carbide Steel.    That kind of iron is so hardened that trying to sharpen it with harder iron,  there is no harder iron that will even touch it!  What to do???

Thats when you break out the diamonds.    So, the lesson is this!   If you have a friend who is so dull and yet, so hard headed that you are losing your own edge trying to help him sharpen up, try becoming a,  "DIAMOND FRIEND".   Diamond friends aren’t afraid to sharpen the hardest of iron.   Diamond friends never give up on ya!    Diamond friends keep bearing gentle pressure… a little here… a little there…until the edge comes back.    But above all else, "Diamond Friends" bring their friend before the throne… you know… to Jesus… to the One who is more beautiful than diamonds...

Are you worn out trying to sharpen a carbide friend?   Try diamonds!

pastor John