Bride of Christ

Choose Wisely!

“To you, O men, I call…”  Prov. 8:4 NASB

Men, through out Proverbs there this feminine voice calling out.  It’s no wonder!   There is always some little cutie pies voice callingout to men… “Come to my web page; look at me... Let me show you my secret place… stolen water is sweet… who will know”??

While her voice goes out to all men, it is the foolish man who listens to her siren call.   Thanks be to God, there is another feminine voice to listen to [besides your wife]… and that voice is the voice of wisdom.   As you read Psalm 8 today, listen to what her voice brings!  Wisdom’s voice…

She speaks noble things… right things.
She utters truthful things.
She gives knowledge and discretion.
She gives riches and honor; her fruit is better than gold.
She imparts understanding and power.

Men… two feminine voices are always calling… Both whispering in your ear... One is sweet nothing and leads to death… one is noble and leads to life.   Listening to one will make you a fool and reduce you to nothing more than a loaf of bread.    Listening to the other will make you noble and fill your life with treasure.   

Choose wisely!  

Pastor John