Bride of Christ

Always Light!

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it..  John 1:5 NLT

Darkness denote blackness; gloom… we all have times when life gets a little dim… hard to see what’s coming or why what came… came!   Karon Young, a cancer survivor and very dear friend, who knows what it is like to have periods of darkness… but always finds a light shining in the midst of it all writes and prays the following.  May you too find light in her words this morning...

A new reality requires an attitude adjustment, and the Lord provided one for me the other morning…  Jesus is always and forever LIGHT in the midst of our darkness, whether or not we see it or feel it.  

“Lord Jesus, according to your Word, we thank you that no matter what our darkness is, you are shining in the midst of it. You never promised we would understand our circumstances. You just promised you would be in them with us if you did not choose to change them.

Thank you that you are working for us in our darkness because we ask you to.  Lord, we reject outright the human tendency to judge You based on the tiny bit of the big picture we can see.   You, Lord, are the one who suffered an excruciating criminal’s death to save us from ourselves.  You would stop at nothing to do us good then, and you will stop at nothing to do us good now. You are our Savior and we trust you.”

That is the bottom line. The truth of who Jesus always is trumps the hard stuff we all walk through.  As we thank him for always being our Light, we can steer away from cursing the darkness.  

Let us always continue to reflect the light that Jesus always is. "

pastor John