Bride of Christ

That Queston!

Joh 21:17A third time He asked him, "Simon son of John, do you love Me?

"Why did He have to ask me that question?  Doesn’t He know that I love Him?”   Yes Peter, He knew… but He wants to make sure that you know!   And He wants each one of us to know too.   Why?

People serve the Lord for lots of motives..  Talented… Educated… Anointing…  trouble is we look at the outward abilities but God looks at what is in your heart!   Serving out of the outward can leave you, like Peter at this point of his life…  feeling like a hypocrite and a failure on the inward!!   

Pete had failed to live up to his promise.  He said, “I won’t be like these others… I will never turn my back on you, Jesus!  I will never deny You!   After all… I’m a rock!   I have charisma… I’m a natural born leader… I’m a ….”!???   Peter failed because he was trying to serve out of the outward rather than from the inward!   That always leads to disappointment!

Dear one… what’s you motive for serving?  Jesus asked the third time… “Do you love me”?   How do you answer that question?

Pastor John