Bride of Christ

Going it alone!

But this is all happening to fulfill the words of the prophets as recorded in the Scriptures.   At that point, all the disciples deserted Jesus and fled.  Matt. 26:56

The ACTS of the Apostles at this point in time were hardly the kind of ACTSthat the book of ACTS depicts.   These "GARDEN VARIETY" disciples were not very kingdom minded…. or committed to the cause of Christ… or dedicated disciples… or… even faithful friends of Jesus!  They had no mighty miracles… or powerful words to say… or strength to stay… they simply "FLED"!

Peter, James and John had fallen asleep when the Master could have used someone to PRAY with Him.
Judas sold his "friend" Jesus for 30 pieces of silver and betrayed Him with a kiss!
Peter did rise to the occasion for a moment.. swung his sword, but missed the man's head and, instead, cut off his ear [after all… it was dark… and Pete did just wake up].
John took off running without his clothes["They call him the Streak" was his theme song for years afterward]

But… it had to be that way!   Everything was working according to PLAN… according to the words of the prophets... as recorded in the Scriptures.   Jesus had to go it alone!   For awhile!

I was having a pity party once [or was it twice]… feeling all alone…. a friend said, "Do you want to be like Jesus?"   "Well, yeah", I said.   Then he reminded me of the ACTS of the Apostles… those ACTS in the garden!

My friend then said… "If that was good enough for Jesus, why do you expect anything better?"   Sometimes you just have to go it alone for awhile!!!

Yesterday you surrendered your will to your Father's WILL.   But what if His will is that… YOU have to go it alone?!!    For just a WHILE?

pastor John