Bride of Christ

What can I do?

The foundations of law and order have collapsed.   What can the righteous do?  Proverbs 11:3   NLT

One of the first things I look at in remodeling a house or anything else is its foundation.   After all, what good does it do to make the house look good if the foundation is bad?  

The righteous can quickly see that the moral and spiritual foundations of law and order in this world have collapsed!   The question we all struggle with is, “What can the righteous do?”  

Dear righteous ones… don’t panic… just do what you know to do… and keep on doing it!   

-Continue to Seek the Lord’s face (in repentance and for wisdom)
-Continue to Share the good news with others.
-Continue to impact your culture!     Culture refers to characteristic patterns of attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors shared by members of a society or population.   You can impact culture by being consistent with what you say you believe and then acting upon it..   

Remember beloved, you and I are building His Kingdom!    What can the righteous do?  Keep building on the foundation of Christ!  That is a foundation that will never collapse!

Pastor John