Bride of Christ

Teach me to Listen!

But no, my people wouldn’t listen, they did not want me around.  So I let them follow their own stubborn desires, living according to their own ideas.  Psalm 81:11-12NLT

Years ago I went forward for prayer, thinking that I would hear the pastor tell me how pleased the Lord was with me.  Imagine my shock when he laid hands on me and said, “Lord, forgive John for being so stubborn, and please teach him to listen”!

My first response was anger!  As I went back to my seat, my self talk was, “I am not stubborn; I am not stubborn”!   Obviously, I was not listening!   

Then, I prayed:  “Lord, when did I quit listening?  What caused me to follow my own stubborn desires and live according to my own ideas?  What was I thinking when I decided that I could do life without you?    How foolish of me.   Lord, forgive me for being so stubborn and please teach me to listen”!

Beloved, as it is written, “O that my people would listen to me!  O that they would follow me, walking in My paths!  How quickly I would then subdue their enemies!”  Psalm 81:13-14

“Lord, teach me to listen”!

Pastor John