Bride of Christ

Burnt Offerings!

  May the Lord remember all your gifts
and look favorably on your burnt offerings
Psalm 20:3

We should always give our best to the Lord.   After all.. He gives His best gifts to us!   Never be cheap or stingy when it comes to giving of gifts.   He knows and will remember each gift you give.

But what about burnt offerings?    We often joke around about the new bride trying to please her husband by fixing him a good meal after a hard days work… only to discover that the heat was a little high or the timer wasn’t set right… and now you have it…
“A burnt offering”!   Every bride has had at least one of those!!

Even though that offering didn’t turn out the way it should have, a good husband looks favorably upon them.   After all… she was truly trying to please the one she loves.   Itshould bring a smile on his face… and then you both get to go out for supper.   

Dear one… May the Lord look upon all those offerings that were a bit burnt!   May it make Him smile… simply because you did it for Him and your heart was in the right place.    And who knows… maybe He will take you out and treat you to a fine meal! 

pastor John