Bride of Christ

Raze the Bar!

Don’t be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Eph. 5:18NLT

Before I was saved, my church was the bar.   O, I attended a church for 45 minutes each Sunday, but attended the bar almost every night.   And… I had no problem arriving early and staying late!

The bar is a great place for people to congregate.   After all, the bar is a place where everyone knows your name!  [and who doesn’t want to be known?]   A place where you can escape from problems; a bar priest who can listen to and offer advice about everything from what to do with the “little woman”, to global warming and where Hilary’s email went!    

Yes sir… the bar even has a “spirit” that is the real center of focus.   This “spirit” can be uncorked for the price of another round.  [And you thought that the church only wanted your money]   And, rather than facing your problems this spirit can help you hide from the problems you face!  Well… until the spirit you swallowed leaves you the next morning!  

Whats the difference between a Christ centered church and a bar?   I guess it depends on what “spirit” you want to be filled with and why!   Read the passage above again… slowly!    One spirit ruins life… the other Spirit gives life!  Which one will you drink from?

Is it time to “Raze the bar” and attend a Spirit filled church instead?


Pastor John