Bride of Christ

You can, but Shall You?

Exo 20:15  "You shall not steal”!

Vacationing in PA, I went for my morning walk up through some old roads… you know… the, “ones less traveled by”!   Coming upon an old and beautiful but un-lived in farm house that dates back to early 1900s… I saw it!   The sign with the house number and Carver Lane written on it.  Just laying right there... within reach!  

Carver lane has a special meaning for me.  That’s the same lane that my mom lived on for many years and many family visits.

The temptation was strong to just pick up that sign and take it home with me. After all.. who is going to miss it? But then those words, “You shall not steal” came into my head.   Dang!  Where did that come from???  I thought to myself, the Word doesn’t say, “You cannot steal”, it just says, “you SHALL NOT steal”!   

And that dear ones is where all temptation begins and ends!     I can… but I shall I?

Today, you may run across something that you CAN do, yet it violates the Word of the Lord.   Yes, beloved, you CAN… but… SHALL you?

pastor John