Bride of Christ

God lives where??

Through him you Gentiles are also being made part of this dwelling where God lives by his Spirit.  Eph. 2:11 NLT

Where does God live?  In Heaven?  In some beautiful majestic and ornate cathedral built by the hands of men?  In Israel then?  Or perhaps Springfield?  The answer?   Anywhere He wants to!

But of all the places He could dwell… He chooses to live in you and me!  How odd is that?  Like most people, I wonder why God would want to live in a very unworthy place like me!   All I see is a dump!  Why me??

It’s because of Christ, beloved!   He broke down the walls between us and God… making peace between God and “whosoever would”!   Then, by His Spirit, He cleans up your junkyard, demolishes your old decorations and begins building a new residence… one that He is pleased to live in!

Dear one… Receiving Christ means you become His dwelling place.   You are where the living God lives… you are the temple of the Holy Spirit!   

What does that mean for how you live today?

Pastor John