Bride of Christ

The Jesus Greeting!

Grace and peace to you from the one who is, who always was, and who is still to come.  Rev. 1:4 NLT

Some people greet you with, “Howdy”!  Some with, “Sup?”!    “Chow!”   “Ola!”   "Good morning"!  Or… “Did you make the coffee yet?”!

But, I like this one better!  I call it the Jesus Greeting!   “Grace and Peace to you”!    I need both, how about you?   And if feels good to me that whether I enter the Presence of the One who "was and is and is to come", or if He just stops by my place… He always starts with this warm welcome.

“Grace and Peace to you”!    How wonderful!  What a greeting!  It gives me a warm fuzzy!    Maybe when my wife gets up, I’ll try it out on her.   Rather than, “Good morning sleepy head!”, I’ll say,…   Grace and Peace”!

It’s the Jesus Greeting!    

Pastor John