Bride of Christ

Got Adventure?

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons.  Freely you received, freely give.   Matt. 10:8

This command was given to the disciples as they were being sent out into the world to proclaim the Good News!   They were to expect that the message  they carried, would also carry with it the power to change lives.   And it did!   What a trip!

Recently, I have heard people use the word, “Plateau”  when describing churches and ministries in America.    What that means is that there has been a leveling off of significant spiritual power to transform lives in a meaningful way.   Plateau is a nice way of saying, “BORING”!     Boring is what happens when those who were once, “Sent Out” are now, “Sitting In”!   

What we have received, we want to keep!   The free stuff we have received has just made us hungry for more, “free stuff”!    It is the American way, beloved, but its not, “The Way”!    Perhaps the reason we are boring is because we are, “BORED”!

Dear one… Nothing was given to you so you could keep it.   What Good News did you freely receive that you can freely give?   What Spirit, what power, what joy, what hope, what love, what forgiveness, did you freely receive that you can now freely give?   

Break the boredom!    Put a little adventure in your life?


Pastor John