Bride of Christ

Take the Offer!

God will do this, for He is faithful to do what He says, and He has invited you into partnership with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.  1Cor. 1:9 NLT

Many entrepreneurs need a partner!   They enter the “Shark Tank” seeking help for their business.   They need something the “Sharks” can give them, whether it’s financial help, or their business savoy!   The Sharks are well connected with the world of business!  They have the resources to “get-r-done”!   The Sharks make an offer!  Some accept it… some walk away!

How odd that the God who created all things, did not wait for you, but instead He has invited you into a partnership with Him.   He is no Shark… looking out for his own interests.  No, He is looking out for yours.   

What does He offer in this partnership?   Well, exceedingly abundantly more than you can even ask or think!   Especially all the things that money CAN’T buy… love, peace, joy, forgiveness, and O yeah… eternal life!     And, He is entirely trustworthy to do what He says.

Beloved, God could make a partnership with anyone, but He has decided to make it with you.   He has made you an offer!  To accept His partnership, you must accept His Son, Jesus Christ!    Beloved, please… take the offer!

pastor John