Bride of Christ

More please!

I am writing to all who have been called by God the Father, who loves you and keeps you safe in the care of Jesus Christ.
 May God give you more and more mercy, peace, and love.
   Jude 1:2

“More please'?   It’s what a child says when his bowl is empty and he is still not full!    Or what he had was so good that he simply wants some more!   But sometimes human fathers run out of, “more”!    They just don’t have any “more” to give!   But not our Father, God!  He always has “more” then enough!   And is always willing to give some more to His children who are in need of…  more.  

Dear one, what do you need “more” of today?    More mercy?  More peace?    More love!  More _________ ?     I pray that our Father will give you more… and much more!

Take a moment to lift up your empty bowl to your Father and just say, “More, please”!

Pastor John