Bride of Christ

Taste and See!

Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him.
  Psalm 34:8  NLT

Remember when you were a brat and your parents were trying to get you to TRY something new.    Oh, it was on the table before, and others around the table ate it, but either you didn’t like the looks of it, or you just made up your mind that you weren’t going to TRY that!   “Just taste it”, they said!  But your quick reply was “NO, I WON’T LIKE IT”!   “But you don’t know what your missing”!    “I don’t care, I ain’t eatin that”!

Don’t you know, beloved, that the Lord is good?    He says, “Taste me, and see for yourself”.   it’s how it works!   He doesn't ask anyone to eat the whole thing all at once.   Just take a bite!    Taste and see!

What if rather than stuffing all the do’s and don’ts and other religious rituals down each others throat, we just offered them to take a bite of the God is that is in us?   if its the Lord in you… it will be good.    Taste and see!!!!

Pastor John