Bride of Christ

A Leaven Hunt!

For seven days the bread you eat must be made without yeast. On the first day of the festival, remove every trace of leaven from your homes.  Exodus 12:15 NLT
God’s people were sick and tired of the burden of slavery… sick and tired of giving their sons to Pharaoh’s sword.    It was time to get out of Egypt.   The Lord heard their cry, and remembered His covenant promise… and He was ready to act!

He would do His part!   His people needed to do their part!  He said to them,  Get ready to go... “remove the leaven from your house”!    Thorough out Scripture, leaven is a type of sin!   Hmmmm!

I love what Jewish families do at this time each year!   They hide pieces of leavened bread at different locations in the house [without mouse traps] and then have the kids go around and look for it.   When the kids find it, they are not even supposed to touch it… but go and show mom and dad where it is hidden.   Dad comes and removes the leavened bread by scraping it onto a dustpan and then either burning it or throwing it into the garage where it belongs.  They all say, “Ewwww, lets get this leaven out of our house”!

Does that teach a  better lesson than hiding and hunting for easter eggs?
Dear ones… it’s time to get out of Egypt!   Time to do your part…  Time to go on a Leaven Hunt!

pastor John