Bride of Christ

Stop Staring at the Hole!

I waited patiently for the Lord to help me...  Psalm 40:1 NLT

   If you have been ice fishing lately, you have entered the realm of, "PATIENT WAITING”!    As I sat there on my bucket staring at the hole, I wondered if maybe I should change bait!   Maybe I should drill another hole somewhere else!  But where?  Are the fish closer to shore, or are they in deeper waters?    Is anyone else catching anything?   Do I have sin in my life?

As I pondered all these things and more, I took my eyes off the hole in the ice and realized that I had been missing something!   I was so focused on the HOLE, that I forgot to take the time to observe other things… things like….
The beauty of the sun sparkling like diamonds on the ice… the amazing landscape around me that formed the lake in the first place… the occasional howl of coyotes singing their praises… and most importantly… the great friends I was sharing the day with… who were waiting patiently with me!  

Then suddenly, a school of fish finally did pass through and we did catch a few.   Not many… but the day was not wasted!   I waited patiently and the Lord helped me see things that I would have missed if I kept staring at that hole.

Beloved…  Wait patiently… but while your waiting… stop staring at the hole you made and look around.   

Pastor John