Bride of Christ

The Captain!

 “Are you friend or foe?”
 “Neither one,” he replied. “I am the Captain of the Lord ’s army.
   Josh. 5:13-14 NLT

When Josh asked the Lord, “Are you for us or against us?”, It was a fair question!   I love the answer.   “Neither one”!!  

We may not like that answer.   After all… wouldn’t it be better for Him to say, “Well of course I’m on your side, Josh!   I’m gonna get those enemies of yours!”.    That would make me feel better, knowing that God is for me and totally against those dirty rotten heathen scum… those who would even dare think  to oppose me in a battle of any kind.    

But that’s not what He answered…

“Lord, are you for me or against me”?    “Neither one… but I AM here to take my rightful place as Captain of your life.    I am the captain of Heaven and Earth.. but…  Am I… your Captain?   Before you charge your enemies, do I have charge of every area of your heart?   Will you do it my way…or your way?”  

Beloved, whether or not God is on our side is not the question.    The right question is, “Am I on the Captains side”?    What say ye?

Pastor John