Bride of Christ

Live life for Him!

Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love.   Eph. 4:2 NLT

Have you ever tried to be something your not?  Frustrating!   Worser than that… Have you every tried to make someone else something their not?  More frustration.   Yet, it seems to be the normal thing!

Parents have a plan for their children, but are easily irritated when they don’t become who they tried to make them become!
Husbands and wives spend the first few years of their marriage trying to make their mate… “just like me”!  See it my way.. .do it my way… become me!

It’s great to have aspirations for others.  It’s great to come along side them and encourage them, and lift them up to higher levels.  But its not so great to always say to others, “What’s wrong with you...  If you could be better… if you could change this… If you could be just like me…”    

Have you ever considered that if you really want others to be just like you, they will never be what God wired them to be.   A humble thought is this one… "The world does’ t need another me”.   One of you is all God planned for.   He made you and said… “well, that will be enough of that”!   Don’t waste your time and energy trying to make someone else into another, YOU!

Remember, dear one, God’s patience and gentleness toward you.   Thank God that He is not always pointing out your faults and failures!  Thank God that He strengthens and encourages you to be who He made you to be.     Live that life!   Your job today is to NOT live someone else’s life for them!  Live YOUR own life... for HIM! 

Pastor John