Bride of Christ

Let God smell your Breath!

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord Psalm 150:6NASB

Most of the time, you can tell what is in a container by removing the lid and taking a whiff.  Garbage?  Gas?  Kerosene?  Diesel?
 Sour milk?  Old Spice?  

The same is true of people.    When you find a vessel that is full of God, you catch a whiff of praise and thanksgiving.   What is in the heart can be smelled on the breath!   As it is written, "I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart”.   [Ps. 9:1]

What will your breath smell like today?  That depends on what your vessel is full of!  May it be full of praise!

Give thanks with a grateful heart, beloved!   Let your lips praise Him.   It will be a sweet smelling savor to the Lord… so… right now… and all day... let God smell your breath!

Pastor John