Bride of Christ

Tune My Strings!

O Lord, do good to those who are good, whose hearts are in tune with you.  Psalm 125:3NLT

What’s that sound?    I picked up my guitar and began to sing what I hoped would be a sweet sound in my Master's ear.     But, while the words were good, the sound was not!   3 of the 6 strings were out of tune.  At first I was upset...   “Who has been messing with my guitar?   I’m trying to play a good song to the Lord, here, and someone has messed with my strings."     Hmmm!

How many times have I tried to sing a good song and, although the words were the right words, my tune was off?  My heart strings were in need of major tuning! And, how often have I blamed someone else when my heart was out of tune?   Don’t I know that when my heart strings are out of tune with God, my song will never be good?

Beloved, are you in tune today?   Are you singing the right words, but the strings of your heart are off?   Here are a few strings that get out of tune easily...

Forgiveness string!
Lovingkindness string!
Joy string!

The good news is that God has an app for that!   It’s called the “Change my Heart O God” app.    
 Perhaps its time to take your heart before God and say, “Lord, I want to sing a good song today, but before I begin…
will You help me... tune my strings?"