Bride of Christ

Got Signal??

Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.    Gal. 5:25 NLT

I got a Garmin on a rope for Christmas one year.  I thought it would be a great device for navigating the Black Hills.  I would no longer have to trust in my “Mountain Man” instincts by marking trees with my hatchet, or looking for moss on the North side of the tree!  It was just going to be a no brainer walk in the wild so… I tied the Garmin around my neck and started out…  ahhh… no worries!  The device knows how to get back to the cabin!   Right!!?

To keep short devotions, short… I ended up lost… getting dark… with an uncanny awareness that something large was wanting to invite me for lunch.  Stupid device!!!  But the problem was not the device .. the problem was simply having no signal.   What good is a device if you have no signal?

Are you trying to read the Bible, but having no success in understanding what you read?  Do you go to church hoping to find peace and joy, but getting none?  Do you pray but get no answers or clear direction?  No hope, no vision, no purpose?   All those Christian “devices”, yet you still have the uneasy feeling that your being sized up to be the devil's next meal?

Dear one.. it’s not the device that is the problem… it’s the lack of Signal!   

You can change that you know?     Be filled with the Spirit!   Chose to follow His lead in every part of life!    Got Signal?

Pastor John