Bride of Christ

Make a decision!

For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision… Joel 3:14NASB

Got a decision to make today??  Of course you do!  Every day has it’s own paths to take.  Some decisions are easy… some not so much!   Sometimes you feel like your are stuck in a valley… a low point in life… a desert place… a thirsty land… hot and dry!    How can I get back on the mountain again?   How do I get out of here?  No clear path!   Which way should I go?

Dear one.. if you are in that state of mind… if you feel like your in the valley of decision… then please take note of this promise.    "The day of the Lord is NEAR in the valley of decision".  Knowing God is near you gets you back on track!   You are not abandoned.  

But note this as well… the Lord can not be found in the valley of INDECISION!   Remember, the steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord.  The first step out of the valley is to seek the Lord and His righteousness.   He promised that if you do, “the way out will come to you”.   Matt. 6:33

So… go ahead… take the first step.  Make a decision!!

“Lord Jesus, thank you for being with me today...even in this valley!    But I will not choose to stay here… stuck in self pity and regrets.  Today I will decide to put Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness first.  I will decide to trust your Word, knowing that when I do, the way out will become clear”.

Pastor John