Bride of Christ


There are three things that are never satisfied—  No four that never say, “Enough”:  the grave, the barren womb, the thirsty desert, the blazing fire.  Pro. 30:15-16NLT

The writer of this proverb was a thinker.   He put his thoughts on paper and started by saying there were only 3 things… but then thought, “No Wait.. there are four”!     Apparently he didn’t have an eraser!  But I’m glad he added another, “thing that is never satisfied”!

When it comes to the discovery of things that are never satisfied, it seems there is always room for, “One more thing”!   What about you, beloved?  Are you satisfied yet?  Or do you find yourself saying, “If I just had this one more thing; then I would have enough”?   or.. “If I could do this one more thing, I would be satisfied”!

What is that, “Thing”!  It could be an item, a habit or a even a growing sin!   

Question to consider and honestly answer: When am I going to finally say, “ENOUGH"?   

Pastor John