Bride of Christ

Way to Go!

I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go… Psalm 32:8NASB

“WAY TO GO”!   It’s the "High Five" in words!   It's what we say to someone who has already made the right move… the right decision… the right action…hit the home run… made the right play…  dropped that pheasant on the fly… or made that 400+ yard shot at a 5x5 buck!  [can you tell what’s on my mind?]    WAY TO GO!  

But no human voice is telling David, “Way to Go” now.   Now, David has the heart of a man who is hiding… confused…overwhelmed…  alone… not knowing what to do next… locked up… afraid to make a move cause it might be the wrong one.  Instead of, “Way to Go”, those voices he hears have been just the opposite!    “What did you just do?” or, “Where do you think your going”??   or, “Who do you think you are”???

Today, you may be worried and wondering,  "Which way should I turn??   What’s next??  What should I do now?  Can I get another chance?  Is there another way”?   As you pour your heart out to God in prayer, I believe our Master will help you.   He says, “I will teach you whats next”!  

But remember, later in this Psalm, God reminded David that he was not to be like a horse who has to wait for the spurs!  Or a mule who waits for the whip!  Just listen for the way to go, and then “go”!   

As the song says, "Trust and obey, there is no other way”.    Only our Master can say, “Way to Go” BEFORE you go"!   
Pastor John