Bride of Christ

Silent long enough!

“Lord, teach us to pray…"  Luke 11:1 NLT

Jim Volner was a great friend and prayer partner of mine who would pray so loud and passionately, that when Jim hit his knees, the words just flowed out of a heart that was connected to God. It was like he really believed that heaven was open to him, and that God was ready to listen to what he had to say.

If you were there when he prayed, all you could say was, “ditto”!    His prayers were powerful enough to bring his entire family into the Kingdom of our God one by one.   When Jim prayed for you, you knew you were prayed for.    He is gone now, but I miss him…and I miss that kind of praying.   

Obviously, Jesus did not call for a moment of silent prayer either.   He prayed with a voice that shook heaven and earth.   When He was done, those around Him, said, “Lord… teach us to pray”!!

Are our prayer meetings today filled with silent Pray-ers, and too many moments of silent prayer, and not enough heaven and earth shaking prayer??  

Lord, teach us to pray!   We have been silent too long!

Pastor John