Bride of Christ

ALL dead!

“Roll the stone aside,” Jesus told them.
But Martha, the dead man’s sister, protested, “Lord, he has been dead for four days. The smell will be terrible. 
John 11:36 NLT

I learned from watching the “Princess Bride” the difference between ALL dead and MOSTLY dead!   When someone is mostly dead, it could mean that they look dead, but really aren’t.    But when someone is ALL dead... there is nothing you can do… "except go through their clothes and look for loose change!"   

Lazarus was ALL dead… four days dead!  It’s hopeless!  There is nothing left to do!   And…you don’t want to roll that stone away now!   He stinketh real good!  Why did Jesus wait until Lazarus was ALL dead before He showed up?  

This might be the best picture of REVIVAL in Scripture!   What do you believe is dead?  A dead generation?   A son or daughter that has left the path of life?   A dead church steeped in dead works?   A dead marriage?   A dead future?  A dead end?   Only Jesus can raise what is ALL dead!

Beloved… don’t be afraid of what is ALL dead!   Pray until the Lord takes you to what you have buried.   You know…that thing that you thought was ALL dead!   Wait till He says, “Roll away the stone”!   Yes, I know… it stinks…but don’t argue!   Something is about to happen!  Jesus never preached a funeral service!  

The odor is lifting!   And… what’s that rustling noise?  Something is emerging from the darkness… No way… its Lazarus!  And...  I thought he was ALL dead!

Pastor John