Bride of Christ

The Revolutionary!

“Am I some dangerous revolutionary,” he asked  Luke 22:52  NLT

Great question!   The leading priests, the temple guards, and the elders who came to arrest Jesus must have thought so!   Actually, they were right!   Although Jesus never attacked them with swords and man made weapons, Jesus was a threat to their religious identity!  They had to get rid of Him… they just had to nail Him down on this!

 I had to ask myself, "When has Jesus been a dangerous revolutionary in my life?"

I know Jesus is a revolutionary when… I actually think that this world is MY KINGDOM and everything revolves around, ME!
I know Jesus is a revolutionary when… I start to believe that there are things I can do to save myself!
I know Jesus is a revolutionary when… I refuse to forgive others when they are guilty of the same things as me!
I know Jesus is a revolutionary when… I try to look good on the outside, but refuse to let God deal with whats ugly on the inside!
I know Jesus is a revolutionary when… I was WRONG, but refused to ask forgiveness!

Is Jesus a dangerous revolutionary?    You betcha!   Jesus doesn’t come to us with a sword or spear… the weapons He uses are not carnal, but they are, all powerful.  Jesus has a way of breaking down strongholds in my life… making me accountable by demanding that I bring every thought to Him for review…. and the worst weapon of all… loving me enough to take all my pride, jealousy, lust, bitterness… and nailing it to His CROSS!   

  As it is written, "The message of the cross is foolish to those who are headed for destruction!  But we who are being saved know it is the very power of God”.  [1Cor. 1:18]

Beloved, in what ways has Jesus, “revolutionized” your life!

Pastor John