Bride of Christ

Free from Tormenters?

And his lord, moved with anger, handed him over to the torturers until he should repay all that was owed him.  Matt. 18:34 NASB

You remember the question?  “How many times should I forgive”?  You remember the story that goes along with it?   One man owed his master an unfathomable amount,  but his Lord had mercy on him and forgive the debt.   The man who had been in debt was forgiven but then went to one who owed him such a small amount.  When asked for mercy and time to repay… he refused and had him thrown into prison!  Wow!!   

When the master found out about it, he was furious!  “I forgave you all that you owed, but you couldn’t pass the mercy on”????  Enter the tormenters!!!

Unforgiveness and bitterness plagues people like nothing else.  They are tormented and can’t seem to figure out why.    It’s because the torment doesn’t  go away until the debt is paid.   Do you know someone who “OWES” you, and you just can’t “let it go”?   You want to control them but the reality is that it is bitterness that is tormenting you!   Can you get free from the tormentors?   Sure you can!  How?   Go to a quiet place alone and there, shout out a declaration of release… Something like this...

"_____________, Because Jesus Christ is my Lord, I free you from my anxiety, fears, and control.  I place you at God’s throne of grace.  I cannot force my will upon you.   I cannot live your life for you.  I give you to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.   Jesus Christ loves you as much as He does me.  In Jesus Name...

I RELEASE YOU from my expectations; I place you in the open hand of my Lord, I give you my blessings,  In His love, I let you go...

Dear one… when you release them… you get your Lord’s attention…  your debt is paid and…. you are free from what’s been tormenting you!

pastor John