Bride of Christ

Where are You?

Then the Lord God called to the man, and said to him, “ Where are you”?  Gen. 3:9 NASB

Sad, that the Lord had go looking for the first human being and the joy of all He had created... “Adam, where are you”?   Disobedience caused the hiding!  It always does!   “Adam, where are you”?    Adam’s classic answer?   “Well, I’m hiding in the bushes… cause I don’t want you to see me naked”!,    At least he was honest about that!  

But then… the blame came to hide the shame… it always does!  “You know Lord… it’s really your fault… this OTHER person… made me do it”!  We all know that It’s always someone else fault, right?  

“Adam, where are you?!    Why are you hiding from Me?  Do you think for a minute that I don’t know where you are?  Don’t you know that the reason I’m seeking you out is because…  I love you, Adam…. but where are you?  Is this going to be a one sided relationship?   Where are you… Adam??????
Notice dear one that God will always call you by name!   He won’t forget you, even when you are on the run… even when you are trying your best to hide… even when you are blaming someone else for all your trouble!!

Do you hear the Lords voice calling you?  He misses you…. He loves you to much to let you struggle in the bushes... so He comes to your hiding place and has to ask…  “Where are you”?

pastor John