Bride of Christ

Did God Really Say, "NO"? 9/8/14

“Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?"  Gen. 3:1 NLT

That's how trouble began on the earth!   It's how trouble still continues!   The Question... "Did God really say..."???  It's how the con begins!

God said, "NO"!  But like Eve... instead of being grateful for ALL the other fruit trees that God has provided, we still desire fruit from the one tree we were told we couldn't have.   The serpent knows if he can get you to look at the one thing you think you still need, your ears will also be open to his voice instead of God's voice.

The devils conversation always begins with, "Did God really say..."  

Beloved, if our Master knows what we need... He also knows what we don't need!  Today, take your eyes off  the tree that God said "You can't eat that fruit".... you know the one... the one that causes you to hide from God!

Did God really say, NO?   YES He did!

pastor John