Bride of Christ

The Side Track 9/4/14

Don’t get sidetracked...  Proverbs 4:27 NLT

In railroad lingo a sidetrack is a railway siding or a MINOR track.   A side track may run along side the main track, but leads nowhere, and sometimes goes in another direction.

For us humans, sidetracking means to divert; delay or distract from the main course, subject or direction.  

Sidetracking is a the devils track!     As long as he can get you sidetracked, the devil doesn't mind the promises you give to follow the Lord.   He knows you won't follow through if he can get you on the side track.    The funny thing is that the side tracks often have the same signs...

The teen boy who comes home from youth conventions all fired up about Jesus... soon gets sidetracked by girls, cars, jobs or... sports.  

The man who promises to prioritize his spiritual life and leadership, gets side tracked by friends, cars, work, or... sports!

Note: Women don't seem to get sidetracked, so I'm not including them in this post!

Dear friend, have you been sidetracked... going no where!   Today... Ask the Lord to get you back on the right track!

pastor John