Bride of Christ

Recognize God's Voice 9/17/14

For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it.   Job 33:14  NLT 

How does God speak?   Of course there are numerous ways, but, for those who are awakened to His voice, its an easy question!   We would quickly answer, "Primarily, through His Word"!   Christians read and know what His Word says! 

They read it all the time... right??? 

They memorize it because it means so much to them... right???

They long do discover the Lord's plan for their lives... right???

They expect that God has the answer to their situation... right???

They can't wait for Him to give them directions... right???

They hurry to do what He tells them, knowing that even though it might be difficult, He has their best interest in mind... right???

They recognize His voice in the midst of all the other voices... right???

They would never think of trying to do "life" with out Him... right???

Beloved... Our master loves you so much, He sent you a love letter.    What's He saying to you today?

pastor John